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PIRA Energy Group

Formed in 1976, PIRA Energy Group is an international consulting firm that specializes in global energy market research and intelligence. PIRA offers a full range of services that provide in-depth and commercially relevant analysis and forecasts of key U.S. and international energy fundamentals and issues that impact the behavior and performance of the energy industry, global energy markets and its various sectors.

PIRA's Services

PIRA’s Retainer Client Services keep companies updated on energy market developments, providing detailed analysis on supply/demand fundamentals, prices, and market movements. PIRA’s fuel-specific packages include timely market reports and price forecasts, access to PIRA’s comprehensive energy databases, attendance at PIRA’s seminars and roundtables, and direct access to PIRA’s senior consultants.

Global Reach

PIRA works with well over 500 companies in more than 60 countries, including major national, multinational and independent oil and gas companies, refiners, midstream and downstream companies, utilities, industrial end-users, financial institutions, energy funds, trading companies, and government institutions. PIRA provides key value to any entity that produces, consumes or trades energy.

Service Update:

Newly Released Study:

PIRA Energy Group Has Just Released the Scenario Planning Service's 2014 Annual Guidebook

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Shale Crude's Growing Global Impact: Consequences for Trade Flows & Pricing Within & Beyond North America's Borders

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As SPS's key deliverable, this in-depth report defines and tracks the critical assumptions behind our longer-term views on worldwide oil and natural gas supply, demand, and price projections.  It lays out the alternative scenarios around some of those key assumptions, detailing high and low boundary cases that reflect a plausible range of price uncertainty.

This year’s Guidebook emphasizes how shale growth and MENA instability continue to provide uncertainty.  Of course, demand-side uncertainties — driven by economic growth, technology, and policy — have not disappeared.  We also closely examine "Peak Demand," a case which outlines the implications of a much weaker oil demand outlook. On the gas side we pursue the implications if our assumptions prove to be correct but oil prices are much lower than anticipated.

The Guidebook and SPS's other features provide the insight necessary to manage your business in 2014 and beyond.

PIRA’s 2012 study The Road to U.S. Energy Independence addressed the implications for North American pricing, crude and product flows, refining operations, and energy policy that were likely to arise from growing North American shale crude/condensate production. "Shale Crude’s Growing Impact" updates those conclusions and addresses the worldwide impact of the revolution with a focus on the consequences of falling U.S. crude import requirements, the redirection of crude trade to Asia, and the consequences for regional crude pricing and shipping.

This newly released study also examines the implications of growing North American product exports and the impact this will have on refined product output, trade, and pricing in both Asia-Pacific and the Atlantic Basin.


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Dr. Sarathi Roy
Head of North America Energy

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Andy Hall

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Boone Pickens
Chief Executive Officer


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Don Mulrain
General Manager of Commodity Trading

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A. Scott Moore
Director of Risk Management

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Bill Eckroade
Fuels Analyst, Dominion Energy Clearinghouse.

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Fernando Bastos
Market Analyst, Ecopetrol.

"Solid fundamental analysis across many different markets."

Bruce O. Murray
Fuels Trader, Exelon Energy Power Team.

"PIRA has far-and-away the best analysis and data in the oil consulting business."

Jay Bernstein
Chairman & President, Northville Industries.

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Joe Pettus
President, Safeway Energy Services.